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Free Again…Kaumora new release on Infin9ityMusic – 01.04.2022

Kaumora releases his new single Free Again along with a music video, single features vocalist Veronica Angelina along with a remix from RoyalCPH. Kaumora is currently is also finalizing his debut album for forthcoming release…

Stream/play single here…

Test Pressing is available now on all major digital platforms now to listen, stream and download.

Test Pressing EP – Soundcloud preview

Other news – Hang On remix

Kaumora artist page

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UK based artist and producer D.A.Z.A bringing his magic touch with a fresh remix of Ability 2 classic tune Pressure Dub…coming 2022

UK artist/producer D.A.Z.A brings his unique remix skills to the table with some heavy vibes and fresh new mixes – read more in news section

D.A.Z.A artists page

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Kaumora begins shooting new music video for forthcoming single…

Kaumora in conjunction with Infin9ityMusic recently began working on a new music video for one of his forthcoming single “Sounds Demolished” which features the amazing badass talented Scandinavian based rap artist Rizzaw the Nomad King…expected to be ready in first quarter of 2022 this is looking to be a cool project, keep posted for further updates!

Rizzaw chilling out with Kaumora – and big thanks to KultureFabrikken and NFSK for your amazing support and generosity!

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