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2021 new release of classic “Hang On” by DJ Freedom, featuring Kaumora…OUT NOW!

OUT NOW – Emerging Danish EDM artist/producer KAUMORA is proudly featured on the new official re-release of the classic banger “Hang On” by DJ Freedom, and it hits the danish dance charts immediately!  – read more

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ART TRAIN playlist – a new creative podcast platform…

ART TRAIN presents a new podcast platform about solid amazing artist, their journeys and the impact they have on us…featuring music playlist compiled by Infin9ityMusic and associated artist!

Podcast episode 1 – Clara the Dancer

Music playlist compilation – episode 1

Podcast episode 2 – Money & Artists, Highs & Lows 

Music playlist compilation – episode 2

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UK based artist and producer D.A.Z.A bringing his magic touch…

UK artist/producer D.A.Z.A brings his unique remix skills to the table with some heavy vibes and fresh new mixes – read more

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