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About Us

Welcome, we are an independent music company and record label based in Copenhagen, promoting and releasing new artists and music. Our aim; to bring you diverse and exciting new artists, showcasing new music and helping artists to develop.

We always value your support, so on behalf of us all, thank you, we cannot do this without you too!

As a music label we are proud to represent and work with a wide and diverse range of artists and musicians, from development, production and independent releases. Each artist is unique and special in their own way, this is something that is important to us in the way we aim to nurture and support artists and their music. 

With a wealth of experience gained over 30 years within the music and creative industry, we truly have the burning passion for what we do with a good solid base from which to further grow and develop, and yes we also understand just how hard it is to navigate in an ever changing industry, this we embrace in a positive creative approach.

Infin9ityMusic, bringing a new wave of music and artists!

THE VISIONdiversity and creativity

Our vision is to make a positive change in this world through music and art, to work with and promote both established and new emerging artists, djs and producers, releasing new music and helping to launch new exciting careers.
We are always looking out for new exciting projects and collaborations, so we would love to hear from you, lets see what amazing things we can create together!

Why did we create this company?

Sometimes one as to ask themselves why we do what we do, and the answer…we love all things music, and we want to try to make this world just a little more brighter and happier, music knows no boundaries!

Our Aims

  • To develop, produce and promote exciting new emerging artists
  • Build a music outlet based on quality and creativity
  • Actively support social causes and projects that have a broader, wider benefit to humanity as a whole.
  • Develop a company that becomes known as a happy, creative and vibrant place to be a part of!