DAZA is a multi faceted producer/remixer/artist, born and bred in Leicester City. He started his musical journey as an MC supporting the likes of Clipse, The Game, 50 Cent and others, when these US heavyweights came on their UK tours. His musical taste diversified and whilst still having love for hip-hop pioneers such as Ice cube, Dred Scott, Souls of Mischief, De La Soul, Pete Rock and CL Smooth, his passion for all things electronica, dance, house, dnb and bass driven beats was sparked by the likes of David Morales ”Needing U” and producer Dj’s such as Carl Cox, Duke Dumont, deadmaus, Goldie’s, Roni Size and many more.

Armed with this new found energy he started experimenting within the dance electronic field. Being the sort of producer/artist who constantly thinks on the fly, D.A.Z.A needed an instant outlet in which to lay down his ideas. So, instead of sticking to a stand alone studio with countless racks of outboard hardware, he purchased a MacBook Pro and got deep into Logic, creating and producing on the move. Having a light bulb moment while sitting in his car producing one night, he new the sound coming from those speakers were the perfect acoustic reference point, so why not produce in this environment, if it sounds good in the car it should sound good anywhere, right!?!


KRAVE!T “Dance To The Sunrise” – remix by D.A.Z.A – 2020

Written/produced by KRAVE!T
Additional writing/production by D.A.Z.A
Released – May 2020
Style – electronic dance/EDM
Label – Infin9ityMusic