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BLAKSWA1 is a multi faceted producer/remixer/artist, born and bred in Leicester, UK. In his own words;

“Life has pushed me in so many diverse directions that I cannot always express this in words; there are too many emotions to write down. So I inject these into my music through hard dance beats, D N B Liquid journey back drops, heartfelt vocals with meaning, soulful passion, pain and love. Every beat, every chord, every vocal, every sound I produce is a small piece of me, part’s of my fibre, my soul, my passion, the wins and the downfalls, losses and gains, my life’s journey. Being no longer afraid of letting go and diving into life’s swimming pool and truly living to the fullest and appreciating every moment whether good or bad, it almost seems like the universe has marked every moment in my life with a piece of music, and what is life without music, just an empty void in my world.
My life‘s journey has helped me to create some magical moments and I know there are more to come, as I sit in my car on my laptop my face is illuminated by the lights of logic’s warm glow, I get lost in yet another creative timeless zone, in my favorite spot to create, late at night, with only street lights to keep me company, and of course the odd hidden smokers seeking solace for a quiet moment to escape, just like me.
So come on this journey with me, let me show you how I’ve lived, share with you my energy, my memories, the good the bad and beautiful. We all have stories to tell, trials and tribulations we’ve overcome and are still fighting, all I know is this, my journey begins here…run with me”


KRAVE!T “Dance To The Sunrise” – featuring remix by BLAKSWA1 (formally known as D.A.Z.A) – 2020

Written/produced by KRAVE!T
Additional remix by BLAKSWA1
Released – May 2020
Style – electronic dance/EDM
Label – I9M
Cat no – I9Md003/07