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Internationally re-known producer, writer, composer and DJ, this is the artist who produced one of the standout and defining classic dance trks of the 90’s Ability 2 – Pressure Dub which originally graced the UK and national dance charts (peaking at no 2 in the house charts amongst others) and was played by the likes of Groove Rider, Fabio, Jumping Jack Frost and pushed by Groove Connection London, featured on radio 1, 1Xtra and many more. DJB continues to deliver and produce new material, always looking for new vibes while never forgetting his roots, from reggae to dub, funk and soul, electronic experimental sounds and more.

His musical journey spans over 35 years and has graced many a dance floor and airwaves across the globe, collaborating with artists and producers from Lee John (former Imagination front man) to Iration Steppas (international dub pioneer), with remixes by the likes of Luca Lozano (Klasse Wrecks, Berlin) and more.

As an artist DJB draws inspiration from his life and injects this into his music, with the added background as a professional dancer and trainer. His music and various name aliases reflects the many moods that he brings out in his work, some may call him maverick, others an inspiration, at the end of the day its all about the music and creativity.

“Without any exaggeration i can say ‘Pressure’ is one of my favorite tracks of all time. I grew up in Sheffield in the 90s and that whole time of Bleep/Bradford/Leeds has a special place in my heart”  – Luca Lozano, Klass records

DJ mix session

Pressure dub tribute music video

DJ set – Silent Events Lockdown tour 2020


Ability 2 – Pressure Dub “Freespirit Overload” mix – external release

Written/produced by Ability 2/DJ Martin
Released – April 2020
Style – techno dub/dance
Label – L&T recordings/infin9itymusic

This track represents a journey thru hard times, but no matter what happens, never give up! Keep Dancing

Written/produced by DJB
Released – 29 May 2020
Style – electronic/dance
Label – I9M
Cat no – I9Md004

UrbanB presents a freestyle, dubby vibe, breakbeat tune, blending breakbeat and electronic sounds…kinda raw, BreakDatBeat!

Written/produced by URBAN B aka DJB
Released – May 2019
Style – electronic/freestyle
Label – I9M
Cat no – I9Md001

Written as a tribute to spending summer days just chilling on the beach, Sunshine in my Soul is a mix of dubby tech and chilled vibes, just relax! – click to view video

​Written/produced by DJB – feat Ebonnie Greene
Released – July 2019
​Style – electronic/dance/tech house
Label – I9M
Cat no – I9Md005