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Joadey Ace

Welcome to the unique and crazy cool world of artist Joadey Ace…singer, songwriter, performer, free spirited and force of nature…certainly not one to conform to the norm! Her music is a melting pot of her life, love, past experiences with influences including jazz, blues, swing, electronic, dance, world music, aerial aerobics, not to mention her political stance as an activist who seeks for nothing more than love and harmony in this world, making a stand for peace and equality. Her music is an avenue for her artistic expression, standing up for strong women, freedom and right to be who you are. She is often found performing local live sets at the renown venues like The Golden Lion (Todmorton), The Trades Club in Hebden Bridge and more, her soulful raw punchy vocals reach out as she tells her stories, her journey, Joadey Ace seeks to make her mark as she brings her dubby eclectic sounds and vibes to the masses.

“Joadey has a full breeze of summer, colorful and very entertaining, if you have a party get her in…your party will begin! xxx” Golden Lion, Todmordon


Joadey Ace presents her debut single Now’s a lovely day, a blend of swing come dub come jazzy vibes. Featuring a host of respected musicians, the underlying vibe is one of spreading love, being happy and feeling good!

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Written by Joadey Ace/DJB
Produced by DJB
Recorded at BoomStudio
Released – June 2019
Label – I9M
Cat no – I9Md003
​Style – world music/swing/dubby jazz

Featured artists;
Drums – Christopher Smith/Bass – Sam Dutton-Taylor/Keys – Dave Evans/Sax – the late Malcolm Fairburn (rest in peace)/Trumpet – the late Sam Gelder (rest in peace)