Kaumora is a danish multigenre electronic music producer. As a classical trained pianist, melodies are his strong side. Nevertheless, technicality and making things sound exactly right is just as strong as his creative side. Despite his young age, he has already gained a lot of experience, aged 16 Kaumora started touring the Danish clubs as a DJ with a show called Hard Night together with various other artists. During the tour he started playing his own music and the positive respond he received from the crowd made him switch his focus to the studio production side of things. With influences from respected artists such as Avicii, Don Diablo and W&W to mention a few, Kaumora has spent the last couple of years writing, creating, producing and developing his music skills, now he has something to showcase to the world. With his fantastic melodies, strong production values and massive energy, we welcome Kaumora!


KAUMORA presents his debut single A bit harder than Sam Feldt which is more of a tribute than anything else! A blend of uplifting house vibes come EDM, this is one tune to make you dance around and feel good!


Written/produced by Kaumora
Released – June 2019
​Style – electronic dance/EDM