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A collaboration of artists and multi genre DJ/Producers who came together and started creating music, experimenting, writing and basically having fun producing their own underground come EDM dance based sounds…combining a blend of different musical genres, melodies, moods, electronic grooves and raw bass n beats, nothing is off limits!…so what the f**k is KRAVE!T all about? Well time will tell what this collective will bring to the table, but whatever it is, it’s sure to be interesting. The objective; push it to the limit, no holding back, shake that bass to the core!


KRAVE!T present their debut single release Dance To The Sunrise with additional Blakswa1 remix, featuring vocals by guest artist Joadey Ace. This track has that summer beach party vibe, yet as it also as a dark moody raw side…perfectly set up for the dance floors, big room parties and festivals!

Written/produced by KRAVE!T
Released – June 2019
Style – electronic dance/EDM
Label – I9M
Cat no – I9Md003/07