June 2021

The cats out the bag…not long now, Hang On!

In August 2020 it was announced on 4gaard’s radio show on Twitch that emerging EDM Danish artist/writer/producer KAUMORA will be featured on the official re-release of the classic banger “Hang On” by DJ Freedom with his brand new remix of the song! Release date is now confirmed and set for Friday June 11th 2021, followed in August 2021 with an EP release from his forthcoming album on Infin9ityMusic, along with further releases, music videos, planned gigs and more, so keep your ears peeled for more news from KAUMORA!

July 2020

UK based artist and producer D.A.Z.A brings his magic touch…

UK artist/producer D.A.Z.A brings his unique remix skills to the table with some heavy vibes and fresh new mixes for Infin9ityMusic, including remix of Ability II classic “Pressure dub” – releases and more music/news forthcoming 2021.

May 2020

Pressure dub returns!

Ability 2 classic “Pressure dub” tune gets yet another official release, this time courtesy of UK label L&T recordings – “Freespirit Overload Mix”

Released – April 2020

L&T Recordings Beatport

April 2020

Bringing the love during difficult times…Silent Events DK lockdown Tour!

DJB aka Booma graced the decks as part of the Silent Events DK recent lockdown 2020 tour (Guldberg) where they set up events at different locations across Copenhagen to bring some good energy to the the local residents!

For more info about Silent Events DK visit;

Silent Events

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Journalist Matt Anniss to retell the history of bleep techno in new book, “Join The Future”

January 2020 – available now

Join the future – created by Matt Anniss featuring many of the early pioneers behind the bleep bass era from Leeds Bas-sic records, Sheffield Warp records, including interview transcript with Ability II, aka DJB, on his Pressure Dub tune – history in the making, get a copy while you can!


30 Years of Rage

Available now on vinyl – Parts 1,2,3, and 4

The Rage club in London’s Charing Cross—and particularly Fabio and Grooverider’s upstairs room—had emerged from acid house, and it was one of the key crucibles for a much harder, darker, blacker sound and scene that would eventually become jungle and drum & bass-featuring Ability2’s classic Pressure Dub.

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