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COVID-19 and the music industry…

Resource for music creators during Covid-19 outbreak.

Journalist Matt Anniss to retell the history of bleep techno in new book, “Join The Future”

January 2020 – available now

Join the future – created by Matt Anniss featuring many of the early pioneers behind the bleep bass era from Leeds Bas-sic records, Sheffield Warp records, including interview transcript with Ability II, aka DJB, on his Pressure Dub tune – history in the making, get a copy while you can!


30 Years of Rage

Available now on vinyl – Parts 1,2,3, and 4

The Rage club in London’s Charing Cross—and particularly Fabio and Grooverider’s upstairs room—had emerged from acid house, and it was one of the key crucibles for a much harder, darker, blacker sound and scene that would eventually become jungle and drum & bass-featuring Ability2’s classic Pressure Dub.