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Actor, film maker and visual artist, singer songwriter SiSi indeed as many different sides. Her music is a reflection of all these things as she brings a personal perspective with a theatrical and sassy approach to her songs. She spent many years in LA and New York where she studied voice and movement,  different acting techniques and film production. In 2012 she wrote and produced her first short movie in which she also acted side by side with famous Legend Rock Star STEEN JØRGENSEN, known from the 80ies punk band The Sods and today’s band SORT SOL, the magazine Ekkofilmannounced the movie to be one of the best art movies made within the last 20 years. She also took part with in the Musical ensemble at Nørregade Teatret which is part of the Danish Royal Theater. 

“I like to make music with substance, with a mix of class and madness, with a touch of color and stimulating story telling, there is so much music out there taking people up the wrong path, we need to address that, make a difference through the music”


Forthcoming debut release expected spring 2021