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Veronica Angelina

Minimalistic, open, expressive, young…introducing singer, songwriter and poet, Veronica Angelina has a special talent for words, combined with her beautiful distinctive vocals. This emerging recording artist brings an eclectic yet personal “stand up for what you believe in” approach, while touching on some soul searching topics. She started singing as a young child and ever since dreamed of actually becoming a professional singer. Musically her inspiration comes from the artist Alicia Keys, pop and RnB music, but expect her to bring a unique sound and style too!

“What’s important for me as an artist is that there is no limit and rules for what I can and cannot do. It’s important for me to be in a bubble of creativity and not being stressed. Everyday I get inspired by different people and all kind of stuff around me. I like to write a lot of poems and also draw a little bit”